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    On Jan 22, 2018 Prasad wrote:

     I love the response that JK gave. Life has no purpose. Because it is. It has no beginning and no ending and it including you, me and everything that we love and hate. What it means to me is that when I am full of life, when I am just being in the moment, when I am fully present, there is no purpose, no time or no goal. Only life is present and there is no I or individual consciousness. When I am thinking, planning and mourning, then I have a purpose to make myself whole by doing, feeling and embracing the polarity that I am running away from.
    Think about it, just like life has no purpose, death has no purpose either. But we try to find meaning and give meaning to death.
    My father passed away last year. His life is fulfilled and death took him away. By mourning, by being upset that he died only makes me unable to participate in life. I am not engaged with life everytime I live in the memories of my father or when I am upset.
    When I serve others, when I celebrate other's success as my own, when I laugh and share with others, then I dont need any purpose to my life. Life is service and life is presence and life is joy. They just are.

    Thank you for the beautiful passage!
    Love, Prasad

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    On Jan 26, 2018 me wrote:

     To know, to love and to serve the Lord ... is my top priority while here on earth.  This purpose is life's foundation.   Without God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, (even though one appears to be "living") she/he is already dead.  

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