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    On Jan 19, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Reading J. Krishnamurti's writing makes me think, inquire and reflect. As I am reading this article questions do arise in my mind. Questions such as why individuality does not have a purpose? Can I have individual existence without having separation between my individual existence and another person's individual existence? Can I relate to the other person's individual existence harmoniously while we both respectfully accept our differences? These are not idle philosophical questions. I face them almost everyday. I keep an open mind and really listen to the other person as an individual.

    My individual existence has a purpose that is to create unity or harmony within my different voices within me and with another individual' existence. It s like being in a concert with different players and instruments creating concord and harmony. Or it is like a rainbow with seven different colors and merging into each other creating unity or oneness.

    I know from my  own experience that this is the truth that creates positive energy, joy, excitement and peace. Realizing this truth is an ongoing  challenging journey for me and I am happy to work on it. patiently. Yesterday, I had an exiting and delightful conversation with my friend talking about what is true education and what is the essence of human nature. When we talk about my premise on basic human nature  quite  different from his premise on human nature, dark clouds of friction started  building up up. We are good friends and have great long standing relationship. Both of us took deep breaths to create a space  to  mindfully respond and not to react. This helped us to be open to each other and relate to each other compassionately. Such experiences have been very helpful to me in building bridges to help us remain connected with each other. Such a way of working on individuality opens the door to experiencing oneness. I know this is an ongoing journey. I have patience and determination to walk on this way.

    May we remain open minded and open hearted to flourish the richness of our individual existence and live harmoniously.
    Jagdish P Dave

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