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    On Feb 1, 2011 Catherine Todd wrote:

    "His point is not to build up ego as saviors of those who need saving, but to develop gratitude that we found ourselves in a position to help, and in so doing, we opened ourselves up to the greatest lesson of all - that when we help others, we literally and actually, help ourselves."


    Somik, THANK YOU. I have always said that I'm not doing anything for the others, any more than they are doing for me, if not more. I've gotten as much or more than anything thing I give... especially in Guatemala where there's nothing but gringo do-gooders who are helping the "poor down-trodden Indians" who in reality have given me so much. The indigenous are teaching me Patience and Prayer = Peace.


    I want to bring education and medical care and am doing so, but also destroying their culture with consumerism as I come. I am very concerned about this and not sure of what to do. Tourists are there before me and will be after me, and we all carry the benefits and drawbacks of "education" but at what cost? What to do?


    How does Nature "play a game" with us?

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