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    On Jan 22, 2011 aumatma wrote:


     I am the apple tree giving apples so freely

    I am the mother feeding my baby

    I am the earth in harmony

    I AM

    Living spirit in a human body

    Blessed to receive these gifts

    Cherished for the beingness

    Presence; I AM

    I am the river flowing to ocean

    I am the lotus growing in a swamp

    I am the seed turning into tree

    I AM

    I am lion eating rabbit

    I am duck swimming in pond

    I am the lover and the beloved

    I AM

    Living spirit in this seeming chaos

    Receiving the love as lover Earth makes love to me

    With her rivers flowing into oceans

    She makes love to me

    With her warm sun caressing my uncovered body

    She makes love to me

    With her reflecting my own beauty

    She makes love to me

    With her generosity, giving herself to me so completely

    I will rape her no more

    I wont hurt my lover

    As I see her love

    As I see her love, I am whole

    She has healed my wounds

    It doesn’t hurt no more

    As I see her love, I am whole

    I too can be love

    I choose to live as the apple tree

    Giving my gifts so freely

    I am in love

    I AM.


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