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    On Dec 23, 2010 Sanjeev Verma wrote:

    It was interesting to listen to thoughts of guest others and others on wednesday meditation.

    Someone mentioned that she was new to spirituality. My feeling is that everyone is spiritual. Anyone, who is connected to his/her spirit is a spiritual person..anyone who is truthful, honest or has compassion in spiritual. If you have element of aforementioned virtues then you are a spiritual person. I have not met a single peson, who is a personification of all vices or devil--similalrly I have not seen or met any person, who is a personification of all virtues or God.

    Couple of weeks back, i quoted a hymn from Yajusveda that says--God is perfect, formless and unborn. I tend to agree with this notion. Humans can not be perfect and hence I do not believe in the notion of Avatar or reincarnation of God in human form. personalities like Ram, Krishna, Gandhi were great souls but they were not perfect--they all made mistakes in their lives.

    My spirtual training has taught me to do "Charitra" Puja ( emulate great people-learn from their lives) not "Chitra" Puja ( worshipping of pictures or idols).. If you want to worship Ram then become courageous like him and fight against injustice.

    I fully agree with Respected Dineshji regarding his question on mysticism. I have met many Gurus but i have not seen any miracles with my own eyes--my feeling is that all this talk of miracles is nothing but illusion. I beleive in great masters and Gurus but I do not believe in any miracles. Every one is bound by the Physical laws or Nature--again created by God. Respected Haricharn Das ji mentiojned that Nature was also a Guru. I agree with him on this but I do not belive that any Guru or Master can do something that goes against the physical laws.

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