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    On Dec 17, 2010 Catherine Todd wrote:

    Rambor wrote: "In my opinion being able to say "no" to a request is as important as being able to say "yes". In fact through saying "no" to someone you could in a way be helping them to rely on you less, thereby helping them grow"

    Very good points.

    But then you wrote: "At the same time you have to ask yourself whether you are holding back ["not giving?] because you feel that you will be "less" through the giving. It is this state of mind which I was talking about in my first post - this state of mind comes from a sense of lack due to identification with my ego; these sorts of thoughts are unnecessary."

    What "state of mind" and what "sorts of thoughts are unnecessary?"  "Holding back and not giving?"

    "From a sense of lack due to identification with my ego?" 

    That the ego thinks it won't have enough???

    There's so much to understand here when one is new to all this. I feel very foolish here, as obviously the people on this post are advanced and I am barely - if at all - a "beginner." Really, I'm not even ON the totem pole. But I appreciate every little bit and am reading and absorbing as much as I can.

    Any responses, readings, literature or links (as others have sent me) are much appreciated. I have heard this kind of discussion all my life but never understood what it meant. Not really, as I never saw it put into what I considered "positive practice."


    CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com

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