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    On Dec 15, 2010 Varsha wrote:

    Some links that came up from this week’s passage:





    I think of open source and public domain versus private property and imminent domain. 


    The public trust, the commons are of, by, and for the local people.  I see local municipal decentralized self-government and home/self-rule as parts of the equations to freedom.




    It seems like that is what non-governmental organizations and volunteer-based and community-led movements embody-- strong, decentralized development and reconstruction of society at the grassroots level (the bottom-up approach).


    I feel honored and privileged to experience the ancient law of hospitality at the Mehta home on Wednesday evenings while I’ve been here.  I hope to exhibit the same hospitality when inviting friends and family over. 


    This reading connected a lot to for me, as I feel Nature is both Right (correct) and Bright (intelligence) in showing these principles and concepts of sharing the abundance or wealth with everyone.  Also, ecology and the interrelationships and interdependence (food webs is an example) of life is apparent.  It reminded me of today at the Free Farm, where a man who did not seem to own much, came into the farm to check it out.  I think he connected to it later, and to some volunteers who listened to his story and shared with him about the place.  He was one of the last people to leave the farm!  : )  I think oases of nature in the midst of inner cities (AKA “concrete jungles”) are blessings to everyone, regardless of who they are.

    "Hope is nature's way of enabling us to survive so that we can discover nature itself"

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