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    On Dec 7, 2010 Pancho wrote:

     My family calls me Pancho, some of you might think that I don't know you, but I'd like you to know that I love you all.

    I found myself trying to translate some of the meaning of the passage by removing the judgement. Why it was said a "man of Tao" and not "a woman of Tao"? Do we carry something else other than wounds? Hermano Chris opened Wednesdays and provided a lot of food for thought and feeling (I hope he can share it later!) with an analogy of four flows. These were the 3 points I shared:
    1. The Scar During and After the Wound
    2. Clad in the Armor of Love
    3. The Deepest Flow

    1. The Scar During and After the Wound 
    What else do we carry with us? When we are physically (or emotionally) wounded a miraculous process start to happen. A process that took billions of years to be possible. A concert of cooperation among cells from platelets to neurons. Information and proteins are efficiently shared without asking for "documents". When injured, a healthy human body and soul will begin to heal by themselves: solidarity at its best for the well-being of all. When our being is aware of the wound, the capability to self-heal starts. Inside all of us there is a powerful source of love that is capable to heal us. If we are able to tap into this wisdom, into this incommensurable source of love, we will find the answer to all our questions. In this way, during and after the wound we carry with us the scar of the Universal Love. For me, this scar is a beautiful reminder of this phenomenal demonstration of solidarity, a reminder that we always carry with us this infinite source of compassion and love. 
    During the circle of sharing, I could not say it better than sister Shanti: on Wednesdays we strive in silence for the Universal Love.Then we listen, share and unite. This process we experience brings an deep sense of happiness and peace.
    On Wednesdays we are like diverse cells learning from each other how to be part of the body of the Grand Human Family.
    2. Clad in the Armor of the Universal Love
    If everything is within us, then clad in the Armor of the Universal Love human hatred cannot reach you. This was beautifully shared by hermano Nipun with one of Wavy Gravy's stories. For a satyagrahi like Wavy Gravy, there is a point where the human body has its limitations, but the human spirit, that, is unconquerable. It is an indomitable will fueled by love, fearlessness and compassion for other beings. In these times of the Great Turning we all have to find our "inner Wavy Gravy" in order to evolve towards a nonviolent Earth Community.

    3. The Deepest Flow
    Once we have this armor of the Universal Love, it really doesn't matter if it is our actions or inactions that speak because we are already aligned with the deepest flow of the unity of life. Thus, every choice we make embodies a volition to support our collective well-being, our interbeing. The best way to honor each other is by inviting this flow into our lives.
    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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    On Mar 7, 2014 Catherine Todd wrote:

     Somehow I stumbled on this discussion again (I think someone may have commented and I was notified) and I thank God I did.

    The notion of "universal love" and wounds is something that still tortures me. I have no love in my heart right now; I have only pain. I re-read Pancho's comment about "once we are wounded something miraculous begins to happen" et voia! For the first time my mind did NOT automatically begin to close. Of course I couldn't finish reading it, but I have copied it and will attempt to, bit by bit.

    I will still say that I do not believe people do not try to wound you. Many people want nothing more than to hurt you. So that's something I still don't agree with or understand. I grew up with a family of hateful individuals who lash out and hurt anyone they can. It's their sole pleasure in life, sometimes. So I know first hand that sadists do exist. And I refuse to be their victim, but that doesn't mean that I'm not still bleeding.

    But it's time for me to re-read Pancho's treatise on love and wounding and hopefully healing. Thank you so much to the latest commentor who miraculously brought me here, when I needed it most. Now THAT'S something I can agree with!

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