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    On Dec 22, 2017 Amy wrote:

     When I was 18, I told my (then) boyfriend (who is now my husband) that I had considered (outwardly) marriying Jesus while still here on earth ... (as in the form of a nun).  He told me there is little I could do as a nun that I could not also do as his wife!?!  Well, let me just say bringing contemplation and prayer to a married life is just what the Great Doctor (God) ordered!  Marriage and Family is impossible WITHOUT God.  I am so thankful! God reaches us where we are ... And takes us to where He is!  My husband and I are 40 years deep into relationship (34 years of marriage and 6 years dating) ... Without God, we would have come undone by now!  My husband and my hearts are (at times) divided.  My God and my heart are usually on the same page ... My sin is the only thing separating us.  Thanks be to God for the Saving Power of The New Born King, Jesus.  Amen

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