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    On Dec 22, 2017 david doane wrote:

    Jack Kornfield's essay and Chief Seattle's statement are beautiful.  Wherever you are is your temple, out of which and with which you can express the love from which the temple arises.  The challenge is for us to do that.  At those times that I live with awareness that we are one, when I see the other as myself, I am compassionate rather than competitive, and I am living my practice.  At those times that I live with awareness that all that is is one, I am aware that what I do to this planet and universe I do to everyone and everything including myself, and I am living my practice.  What helps me have an undivided heart is reminding myself through thought, reading, discussion, reflection, meditation that I have an undivided heart that is part of an undivided universe.  Such awareness brings me peace, joy, and satisfaction.

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