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    On Dec 15, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     " The thrus's song belongs to a family of experiences that usher us into a threshold where sound trails off into silence, time disappears into timelessness, and the known world is engulfed by the great mystery." Reading these words took me into the sound of silence.Such voyage into timelessness happens when I take time out for my in-time.I call the in-time zone the being zone. In this in-time zone, I do not feel bound by the out-time world.It is an experience that transcends the boundaries of space and time.

    I like the phrase "a family of experiences." Meditation is one of such a family of experiences for me. Meditation ushers me into such timeless state of mind, when the chattering mind becomes calm and quiet. When I chant, I feel totally absorbed in it. 

    A few years ago, we were on a pilgrimage to Amarnath some 15,000 feet above the sea level.We all felt a deep sense of awe and wonderment when we saw the clear sky with luminous stars.We all felt profound sense of silence. We all were in the timeless zone in deep silence for a long time. I will never forget this experience of a threshold moment. 

    May we take time out from our busy and hectic life to receive gifts of a threshold moment!


    Jagdish P Dave

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