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    On Oct 4, 2010 Pancho wrote:

     My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all.

    Last "Wednesdays" started on San Francisco. As usual, some of us worked at the Free Farm and brother Nathaniel (one of the fierce love warriors of the Berkeley Treesit) shared with Amy: 
    "Aren't you excited to know that we are going to Wednesdays in a few hours?" 
    Anyone who has attended to a Wednesday can predict the answer but what happened next say it all: brother Jason came to visit the Bay Area from the part of the Planet we call Australia. A friend told him about the Free Farm so he just showed up. He adores music to the degree that he makes his own guitars and other instruments. He wants to use music as a way to connect deeper with people. After a conversation he had with Amy, he decided to join us for Wednesdays instead of going to a bar in San Francisco. After all, he wanted to have fun on his birthday why not to do it with a bunch of kind "strangers".
    The sincerity of Nathaniel and authenticity of Amy were transformed in ripples of harmony and inspiration. Not only brother Jason was deeply moved and had tens of hugs (thanks Nipun!) as he was "faraway from home", but he also was able to listen and feel the authentic music of Wednesdays' kindness. Brother Jason stayed with the posse for another 4 days as he had a gift-economy tour.
    How is it possible to have such an authentic embodiment of kindness at mamá Harshida and papá Dinesh home? How is it possible that not only the third but also the fourth and fifth and sixth person spread so sincerely the love of this kind and rebel community? From my point of view, the practice of being in receptive silence is the answer. In the words of the Buddha:
    "If you knew how to practice full awareness of breathing and how to meditate, you could experience the happiness of one who walks the path. It is the happiness that meditation brings. Through meditation we can use full awareness of breathing to create joy and happiness that nourishes our mind and body and helps us to make progress on the path of enlightenment. The joy and happiness of meditation permeates mind and body, heals all anxiety, sorrow and despair, and enables the practitioner to experience the wonders of life. With meditation you cut through the ropes of bondage which bind most people --the ropes of greed, hatred, desire, laziness, doubt, false view of self, extreme views, wrong views, and distorted views. Liberation is great happiness and one of the greatest fruits of spiritual practice. This fruit can be attained right here in this life. The fruits of the practitioner's spiritual practice are not for any individual's sole enjoyment and benefit. They are humanity's and the world's inheritance."
    To be (authentically) in receptive silence is the DNA of the Kindness (R)evolution.
    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.


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