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    On Dec 9, 2017 david doane wrote:

     Mrs. Nelson taught kids important things about living.  We could use more teachers like Mrs. Nelson.  As for 'I am', not only is 'I am' a complete sentence, it may be the most important sentence we say.  'I am' is a person's essence and foundation, and it is from 'I am' that all the rest of one's life takes shape.  The only any one else and any thing else that I know is me.  I feel wholeness in my experience when I read essays like this one, and when I think and write like I am now.  What helps me remember that I have enough is realizing that I really need very little -- water, air, some food -- even though I have and enjoy much more than what I need.  I remind myself to keep it simple and appreciate the simple.  Having more than I need is a slippery slope to unnecessary suffering.  While I'm not self sufficient, I have and can get what I need.  I'm just me and I am enough.  As Rumi said, I'm not just the wave in the ocean, I'm also the ocean in the wave.  And remembering Mary Poppins words, "Enough is as good as a feast," also helps me.        

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    On Dec 15, 2017 Anjilo smith wrote:


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