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    On Nov 14, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     The sun simply is. It has no expectation, no attachment to any outcome, it simply shines. Recently, I noticed that when I simply show up as me and I share my own shine in my Storytelling work and I do not push to have a certain outcome, then the world responds. When I push and try to promote too hard, it seems to not come together. I realize this is a vocation example, but it is one so strong in my mind currently. When I share my gifts without attachment to outcome, it seems the connection is far deeper and lasting and goes straight to the heart. I am not sure this makes any sense. As for being moved by love, oh yes, I have felt that and for me it is to do my best to see each being as beautiful and worthy and to sit in compassion. When I do that I feel incredible beams of love coursing through me and out of me. <3 

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    On Nov 16, 2017 me too wrote:

     It's kind of like in "acting".  The more I let go of me, the better I am at allowing "the character" I play to have it's way in me on stage.  Audiences like purity in performances.  BE who you are meant to be!  Whether telling a tall tale or a true story ... telling as the person you are or as a character in the story ... In the LIGHT, impurities are more evident (dictating/controlling).  The art is in the BEiNG ... The doing flows naturally (and attractively) from that!  

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