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    On Nov 14, 2017 Choymae Huie wrote:

    Just what I needed to hear.  I've been going to protest marches, not to protest, but to get protest footages to make a video to highlight a song I wrote called, I Believe In Love.  Every time I attend one of these marches, I feel like a Sneak because I know the intention of all these people who worked so hard to create the protests is to gather more and more people who would support them in ending the political agenda that is ruling America at this point.  During the event, many of the participants came to me to welcome me and to tell me of their agenda so I could participate.  At the end of the event, someone approached me to get my contact information.  At that point, I had to tell him that I don't believe in protests, because, protests only create more protest and the only reason I came was to get some protest footage so I can make a video with I Believe in Love in the background.  Then I sang some of the song to him.  Instead of calling me a fake protester sneak, just using his group, he told me that he really liked my song and would like a copy to show the whole group and that I Believe In Love is exactly what the group needs.  I was totally flabbergasted by his reaction.  I couldn't believe that instead of telling me off about using their efforts, he was actually telling me that my song was exactly what their group needed.  As I got such a loving reception from that man trying to get me to join them, I thought, maybe I am supposed to join them.  I've been asking the Universe to be in a community of like-minded people to create with.  Instead of trying to find the perfect group, maybe it's learning to love unconditionally this group and in doing so, we can resolve the unresolved issues of our world.  On one hand, I felt so elated by this happening, on the other hand, how am I going to change their rhetoric of how much they would like to squash the leaders of this government to unconditional love?  Maybe it's in emulating the sun.  Focus on the love that you are and trust.  Thank you, Gregg.

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