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    On Apr 7, 2010 Swapan Kr.Haldar wrote:

    While reading the story of Eugene, I remember the following lines from the book "life after death" of Deepak Chopra.

    "No soul contains evil,soul can't be iherently evil.

    underlying all human actions are search for love,

    and when people are driven to evil action,

    the root cause is lack of love"

    May be, fear and hatred out of the incident,towards the guys who pumped the bllet in Eugene's body become the cause of  his suffering,untill he got back the realisation of"better way" which he was knowing.ThusEugenes heart/soul got liberated from evil thought ,filled with love and compassion and started feeling great.Fear transformed to love.

    May be the "better way"called as salvation,Nirvana,Param Chaitnyya,Rhu and soon....are titled at different time by many prophets.The afterword thought and work of Linda Lantieri is highly appreciable and one should learn and get the inspiration from the moral of Eugene to make the circle of his/her sorrounding with full of peace and harmony, as the planet earth need to be a place of peace and harmony

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