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    On Apr 6, 2010 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all...

    A Wednesday of more embodiment of the Feminine Divine.
    Sister Meghna's stories were incredibly moving. If I could summarize them in an equation it wold be something like: Female + Power = Fower. I'm going to share two stories of this fower and also an inspiring contemporary example of the emerging paradigm of healing.

    1. Gandhi's Teacher of Nonviolence.
    2. Tasty Satyagraha: Women Leading Again.
    3. The Healing of Forgiveness.

    1. Gandhi's Teacher of Nonviolence.
    "I learnt the lesson of nonviolence from my wife [Kasturba], when I tried to bend her to my will. Her determined resistance to my will, on the one hand, and her quiet submission to the suffering my stupidity involved, on the other, ultimately made me ashamed of myself and cured me of my stupidity... in the end, she became my teacher in nonviolence." --Mahatma Gandhi.

    2. Tasty Satyagraha: Women Leading Again.
    Sister Meghna also shared a phenomenal story of a group of Indian women who self-organized to provide healthy milk to their communities without the help of the government. It brought to mind the inspiring movement that started in Mexico after the presidential electoral fraud of 2006 (I was there, unbelievable fraud). Big corporations, like one of the largest breadmaker on the World, Grupo Bimbo, was
    key financier of the fraudulent elections that led to the current Government (which now thinks it is ok to raid _any_ person's home without an order). But little did they know that this lack of integrity only inspired the creative resistance, or satyagraha, to step it up!

    One of the things that happened was that a pair of brave women organized to bake their own bread. "Pan Mi General" or "My General's Bread." The logo is Emiliano Zapata (on the South) and Pancho Villa (on the North), two of the main figures of the Mexican Revolution holding a stalk of wheat. The slogan: "No mas pan con lo mismo...sabroso y resisente" which roughly translates into: "Not the same old bread...tasty and resistant." The word "pan" in Spanish means bread, but it's also the acronym for Calderon's conservative National Action Party or PAN.

    Pan Mi General’s bread is organic and made from ingredients produced by local farmers. Soon, the bread was distributed in Mexico City, created many jobs and helped to educate people about local-fresh-organic bread/food. The corporate media, in an attempt to discredit this incredible project, attacked by saying that "Pan Mi General develops mold after 5 days, unlike Pan Bimbo that last 20 days!". An excellent opportunity to teach people about the nasty conservatives used to keep unhealthy food "fresh".

    Boycotting Grupo Bimbo and creating a healthy alternative at the same time. A win-win situation: Gandhi's constructive programme at its best.

    What a tasty resistance lead all by women!

    3. The Healing of Forgiveness.
    The passage talks about the power of healing. What Eugene taught us was a big deal of forgiveness, like Azim Khamisa, or Aqeela Sherrills.

    Brother Aqeela Sherrills is an inspiring leader who emerged from the bloody gang conflicts of the Watts neighborhood in South Los Angeles, after losing countless friends (and 4 years ago his 18 year old son, Terrell) to violence, and decided to work tirelessly to bring peace, education, housing, jobs and self-respect to L.A. and other U.S. inner cities. In this 29 minute inspired talk, brother Aqeela offers us an alternative of the how the environmental, social justice, human rights and civil rights movements need to find common ground in a spirit of reverence and compassion, an understanding that their primary mission is the restoration of the vitality of the human spirit.

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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