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    On Apr 1, 2010 Somik Raha wrote:

    Last night was magical with Mam Movies co-founder Meghna's stories, some of which she has captured on the CF Blog. Not possible to capture all the reactions, but just to give a flavor, people who are generally reticent could not stop thanking Meghna in the circle.

    From the passage, I was reminded of Gandhi's reflection which he shared at a prayer meeting. "It is my constant prayer that I may never have a feeling of anger against my traducers, that even if I fall a victim to an assassin’s bullet, I may deliver up my soul with the remembrance of God on my lips…"

    This reflection always brings me goosebumps. It is said that in the second after Gandhi was shot, he died uttering "Hey Ram!" I wonder if I'd be able to get over the fear and despair in such a situation and be able to see that everything was alright in the larger picture and forgive my assassin (would there be anything to forgive?). What an ideal to have in life! It seems to me that over the decades, Eugene's story speaks to Gandhi's reflection, in that it is indeed possible to forgive, and we must do so for our own sake.

    There were fewer reflections today as everyone was soaking in the force of Meghna's sharing. Chris shared the amazing story of his birthday gift, where CFers joined in to make art work at a station. Near the elevator, Pancho drew in a "welcome home" mat. Passengers were so thrilled that they joined in the art-making exercise with a big smile. Praveen shared that everyone at the circle probably has deep stories behind their life, and Nipun added Praveen's story of gifting his favorite t-shirt at Karma Kitchen (see picture from the receiver). 

    Someone (Kyle?) shared the story of how he shared loaves of bread with folks in a train station who were asking for money. Someone pointed out that he was not thanked, and his response, "That's the point! No expectations." He also added that after meditating, they realized that even though they may not have money to share, the biggest gift can be a smile and the words, "I love you," which, for prudential purposes, can be said from the heart and not necessarily from the lips.

    Pancho pointed out the divine feminine at play with Meghna's contribution. I am hoping he will share three things in an online comment.

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