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    On Jan 13, 2010 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all...

    As I'm getting ready for another inspiring Wednesday, a lot of feelings of gratitude and joy came to my mind/heart form what happened last Wednesday: an organic fresh local nourishing flow of harmony, the flow of the law of least effort, the flow of the Universal Love.

    During the circle a few people brought the analogy of water. I could not resist but to follow the curse of the emerging collective intelligence (as a participant in the circle said: "this is my blisscipline ;-)).

    1. The shape of the container
    2. Emancipate the borders
    3. The Grand Canyon of the Earth Community

    1. The shape of the container

    Liquid Water. The precious compound that makes life possible on this Planet. When we are born, 90% of the content of our beautiful bodies is water. On this World, with its gravity, liquid water "finds the way to flow", even when it is in a container. Why "flowing" when you are contained? Because when one takes the form of the container, one is ready to connect at a deep level with the walls of the container. You are in contact with the "inner part" of the container. In the same way, each one of us could "take the shape of the container" and connect with our brothers and sister at the SOULlular level, no matter where we are, or what are our superficial differences. When that happens, when we connect with each other at the understanding level, magic flows.


    2. Emancipate the borders

    Water knows no borders. There is no concept of country or any imaginary lines drawn in the dirt by humans. The rivers flow; the oceans tides are constantly caressing  the coasts; the clouds fly freely above our sacred land. If liquid water can bring such peace to our  minds, imagine how much peace the mind would have if the stream of the Universal Love, devotion and wisdom begins to flow through the valley of the mind...

    When one find goodness and benevolence all around, the mind automatically will attain peace. We can find a stream that is flowing without break, that has no resting place, a "homeless" flow of love. Then, watching the flow of such a sacred stream concentrates the mind in a moment... then, this stream, only motivates us to create a spring of love and wisdom within ourselves.


    3. The Grand Canyon of the Earth Community

    And who cares what would be the results of "our flowing" on the surface of the Earth today? Every drop of water counts. Just look at the magnificent testimonial of the Grand Canyon and so many other master pieces that Mother Nature has carved with infinite patience, with infinite love, one moment at a time. In the same way, our small contributions of kindness, generosity and courage will create a The Grand Canyon of the Earth Community where no borders are need to share the abundance of this paradise on the Cosmos.

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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