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    On Dec 8, 2009 Sharon wrote:

    Fear is a huge tool being used to direct our energy from our source and self referral, to the opportunists and object referral, in our world.  Fear as a tool to hook you into another's dream, can only work if you choose to focus on it, put your energy into it.  However, if you choose to focus on solutions for your own problems, changing and growing as needed, flowing around obstacles and making this life an adventure without fear, you find that you have everything you need to succeed and make your own dreams come true. Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want, because you will get it.  We manifest into our lives what we put the most attention on and that can't be changed, it is universal law.  So put your energy into focus, total focus, on what you want and make it happen. 

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    On Nov 7, 2013 Wendy wrote:

    Excellent comment...helpful...inspiring...Love it...Thank-you! 

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