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    On Sep 22, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Trees are considered sacred and are revered in many cultures and societies.Roots of tress signify the importance of learning how to be grounded and steadfast in the midst of storms of life.Branches of tress show the significance of remaining connected with one another.Tress change inwardly. Seasons change outwardly. Tress relate to such  changes gracefully. A great lesson to learn from tress as we go through the passages of life. . 

    Nature offers many gifts like the sun shine and the moon light and twinkling stars at night. We miss their mysterious presence if we are not open and present to receive such wonderful gifts. Nature offers simple pleasures of earth, fresh air and light. Sadly we miss them because we are not at home. Our mind wanders and we miss the wonderment of celebrating simple pleasures of life. We mindlessly allow ourselves to be disconnected with the source of abundance,and wonderment by not remaining rooted and connected with the presence. Let us remember the roots and be open and present to enjoy the view.

    I have gone through passages of life in my life journey from childhood to old age.When I was a child, I had planted a Neem tree in my backyard.I related to my tree with a lot of affection and joy. The tree became my dear friend. When I was in distress, I would sit under the tree and I would feel comfort and nourishment coming from the tree. When I was tired I would lay down under the tree and felt refreshed. And when I had a joyful experience, I shared my joy with my tree. The tree was my never failing dear friend. When we moved to another house, I sat under the tree and cried. I felt as if I was held warmly and tenderly in the hands of my tree..

    My early childhood experience with  my Neem tree has planted seeds of loving, appreciating and taking care of plants and tress. To me they are sacred and a great source of joy.This is what I learned from my Dear Tree.

    May we relate to nature with affection, friendliness and gratitude!


    Jagdish P Dave

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