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    On Nov 9, 2009 Saqib wrote:

    Author of this article is kind of stating  the obvious, mixed with personal biases and bit of a stretch.  I will explain why I say so -

    Technology especially communication technology has helped in a humongous way the acceleration of human connectednes and have enables global consciousness. Internet is breaking down the bariers of previously created human borders and silos and enabling all kinds great people to connect, heal, express, learn, invent, innovate, and create a future of humanity together.

    It is ironic that the author uses the communication technology and is beneficiary of the same conscious evolution that he seems to have a problem with. Spirit is not a disconnected matter from the form. True that email and IM messages are out of whack, but it is a process. It is already getting better, and with the invention, innovation and evolution of human race, it might even further improve. Whose to say we won't learn to "instantly communicate" without the use of any external electronics, but with the sceintific use of perceptory sensors. :-)

    There are many great human beings out there that are constantly looking to improve and innovate in communication methods. Innovation and evolution, spiritual or physical, doesn't happen in a vacuum. It is not even a linear process. Current state of technology represents the current state of humanity and its bottled up desire to connect, to know, to seek, connection, and relation with other beings. There are hiccups in the process, but so what. Appreciate what is so :)

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