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    On Aug 22, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

    Our hearts and souls are connected beyond boundaries, there is an energy present if we allow ourselves to believe in that magic and depth of possibility. I have felt this connection with several people in my life: even though my mother and I have a challenging relationship, she has a 6th sense as do I when it comes to each other. When the phone rings, I know without even looking it's her, this often happens for her too when she allows that kind of connection to be possible. I have this with someone I love in a romantic sense, he lives nearly 2000 miles away and yet I know instantly when he is having a difficult time. We only see each other a few times a year and yet we remain deeply connected across space and time. A friend from childhood, whom I had not seen nor heard from in 30 years came back into my life several years ago through the wonders of Facebook. We picked up nearly exactly where we left off at age 12 as if no time or space between us passed at all. I have this relationship with people I've met on my world travels, we may only have ever spent a week together and yet our hearts and souls remain connected through our shared experiences. I feel very fortunate that I have experienced this connection so many times in so many different ways/contexts. It helps me right now in a time when I live in what can be a very disconnected place: Washington DC and I serve part time at the World Bank, such a heady, cerebral place. To be reminded again of heart and soul was very much needed today. Thank you. 

    I think and believe the growing in heart and soul bonds comes from allowing the possibility to exist and not trying to categorize it or buying into what society often tells us a friendship or relationship *should* be, but rather enjoying the magic that *can* be. Hugs from my heart to yours, I hope you feel it....

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    On Aug 23, 2017 Hug felt! wrote:

    Way cool!   

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