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    On Aug 19, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     As I understand, there are two modes of connecting with others in our life:the doing mode and the happening mode.Right now I am in the doing mode. I am reflecting on what I am reading and communicating with whoever is reading my writing. This morning I got a message from my friend about passing away of another friend who had serious medical conditions.. I expressed my hear felt sadness and condolence to our friend's family. Such events happen in relationships. They are not spontaneous happenings that create a sense of awe and wonderment.

    There are un-planed, effortless and spontaneous communication between me and my friends, relatives and students that create a sense of wonderment, surprise and excitement in me.Yesteday I was feeling the presence of my client in my heart and I got a call from her. Yesterday I went to Trader's Joe to purchase a few things. I ran into a Japanese lady whom I had never met before. Both of us felt as if we have met each other before. The first question that she asked me happily surprised me. She asked me if I was meditating. I forgot about looking for things I was going to buy. Her question took us in a different world.She was excited about talking about a book , Quiet, she has been reading. She suggested me to go the next door book store to buy this book.And I did. I asked the lady at the counter to help me find that book. Lo and behold! The book was right in front of me on the shelf as if  it was waiting for me!

    There are times when I hear the sudden sound of thunder, unexpectedly waking me up! I feel grateful for receiving such gifts. Such gifts come from heart and soul-examples of synchronicity.

    May we keep our heart and soul open to receive such gifts creating awe and wonderment!

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Jan 26, 2019 valerie wrote:

    Who is the author of this book “Quiet” that you mentioned?

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