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    On Oct 15, 2009 Alhashemi wrote:

    Salaam (meaning “peace” in Arabic, is the Islamic form of greeting),

    Thanks for sharing this piece of BELIEF with us; a very good reminder of ourselves and reality of this life.

    I don’t put my keys in others’ hands”; this is the phrase I keep repeating in my life coaching courses.

    As a medical doctor and psychotherapist who is dealing with the psyche (the Self), and as part of the nature of my profession, I repeatedly get asked almost identical questions over and over again from random people, clients, and patients. I really like these frequent and repeated questions. Do you know why? Because they tell me one very important fact: People are ignorant about their selves, because they simply allow so many things to get between them and themselves.

    This is what I call the DASH between Me and My---Self!

    I believe clinging occurs when: 

    • I fail to believe in the right ‘supreme being’. Every individual has some sort of ‘supreme being’ from whom – or from which – one takes his/her Goals, Values and Morals, Function, and eventually Identity. This ‘supreme being’ becomes the one who – or that – controls our being, from thought to acting. This ‘supreme being’ has different meanings to people; it could be God, Values, Career, Person, Money, Mother Nature, Science, etc. This ‘supreme being’ is what motivates one to live, work, and improve. I do believe that nothing deserves to be in such a position but the ONE GOD who created everything in this life and who is taking care of this universe.
    • I don’t know myself enough. That is why I always look for ‘others’ to be around.
    • I don’t appreciate myself enough. That is why I feel scared to set to myself as I am afraid that myself will start whipping me.
    • I fail to give myself its rights while I am busy trying to please others. This occurs because I fear to fall in ‘depression’ if they decide to leave me ‘alone’.
    • I allow other to be just like the seat and the four legs to a chair, while they should be no more than a back or arm rests. If I lost the seat and/or the four legs I’ll end up falling down, while if there is no back or arm rests I will still be able to ‘set’. Yes, things may be easier while others are around to help, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to rely on them.
    • I leave myself to be a victim for such a media that is pushing people to be attached to almost everything. Marketing, advertisement, and new schools in business are teaching people to market anything, no matter how unnecessary things are, but the smarter you are – as a marketer or a salesman – the more clients you should convince with such an ‘item or product’.

    Thank you again for such an inspiring word in such a materialistic world.

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