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    On Sep 28, 2009 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all...

    I missed Wednesdays but I was there. It seems that all the kindness, all the care, all the understanding absorbed by each cell of my body, all this truth, all this condensed love is coming out of my soul with no control. Yesterday (Sunday), as I was eating the food (including the most delicious dessert I had in many years!) sent by Mama Harshida, I paid attention to:

    1. Food for the Soul and the Body.
    2. True Education and Service.
    3. Developing Understanding.

    1. Food for the Soul and the Body.
    If you ever come to Wednesdays, and if you really pay attention, you will see that your soul and body are been nourished. The Mehta family (_our_ family!) will pour you with love in action. From a gentle fragrance in the air to an exquisite smell of home-made Indian food; from the subtle silence to an outburst of collective reflections of the force of life; from a serendipitous surprising encounter to constant attentive presence; from a welcoming smile to many pairs of shining eyes.

    I invite you to pay attention next time you are eating dinner at Santa Clara (or elsewhere! like me ;-)). Please pay attention to the main ingredient of the meal: unconditional love.

    If you pay attention, all that love in some way will land warmly in your heart.

    2. True Education and Service.
    If you pay attention you won't pay for education.
    Education is not something that is purchased first with money and then with the demonstration of obedience. True education lies within. True education is about living a life of purpose. Because you can have all the money, you can have all the fame, you can have all the "power", but if you lack purpose, you lack the power to live.

    It's time to Walk Out. It's time to put principles before profits and titles.

    If you pay attention you will see that the greatest leaders of humanity were servant leaders. They served and are serving not only their partners, not only their families, not only theirs neighborhoods, they were/are also serving the entire Earth Community. And you don't need a degree to serve. That's the genius of the Universal Love:

    If you pay attention, we all can serve.

    3. Developing Understanding.
    The basic conflict in our World today is not between groups or nations --it is between opposing philosophies. The conflict is between those who believe violence (structural, physical or psychological) can be overcome by more violence, and those who believe violence is to be overcome by love, courage, compassion, and respect.

    To develop understanding you need to practice to look at all living beings with the eyes of compassion. Because when you have compassion, you understand and when you understand, you love, and when you love, you act in a way that can relief the suffering of others.

    If you pay attention, there is always a way to connect with another human being. But first we need to pay attention to our reactions a prejudices. Then we can not react but respond with respect, understanding, kindness and love.

    Planetizing the Movement of the Ahimsa (R)evolution from some corner of our round borderless country...

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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