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    On Sep 17, 2009 susan bradley wrote:

    I had the pleasure of sharing another Wednesday evening in the company of like hearted people in the Mehta Family home in the south bay! I’m humbled again and again at the mindfulness of this community, the true consideration that many give to the thought for the week. Perhaps the best part is the joy and laughter that we share too, about the thoughts especially with Thoi, Bhoutik and even Pancho!

    This passage makes me think of the vision the Mehta family first had 12+ years ago with the first meditation evening hosted in their home. Did they believe the group would continue these many years later, be in practice around the world, and having touched so many peoples lives? Or do they simply focus on the week in which the Wednesday falls. Preparing the lesson, choosing the food menue…

    Interesting how the author simplified the processes of vision and focus to a housekeeping chore- sweeping the floor; something we all can relate too, in one fashion or another. The repetitiveness of sweeping, the necessity of the act, and the strategy of the focus on the task. The analogy is able to be used in regards to so many different things in our lives from our jobs and the companies we work for, to our personal lives and families , mates, children and parents and all we do each day in this circle of people. The process transfers to a students plan for education whether it be for secondary education or post secondary education; the need for a vision or a goal and for focus on the achievement of this goal.

    This Wednesday evening the number in attendance allowed for a bit longer sharing when passing the mic though the input and the thoughtful nature of the group was par for our weekly gathering. Several different analysis of the ideas of “focus” and “vision” were shared in ways that we all could understand from the perspective of a software engineer and the constant bigger picture of applications running in the background and the immediate use application in the foreground, to focus & vision compared to a volume button of a radio; all interesting and thought provoking.

    Our community welcomed newcomers and returning members alike… I’ve been very focused lately on a particular project of importance, and when I step back and gain perspective of my vision again, I am able to breath a sigh in the realization, that the tasks are doable and that my vision remains reasonable and attainable.






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