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    On Aug 6, 2009 Susan Bradley wrote:

    Driving to the weekly gathering there was traffic which would cause me to arrive late and my mind was so full - the events of the day and week were pressing on my mind.  All week I reflected on the inspirational reading and on how busy my mind is mothering two teenage girls, with my work, with my family and with all that I desire in my life.  I have a full, busy, active mind! 

    I arrived to our wonderfully quiet gathering space, to the warm smell of incense and the meditation had already begun; I'd missed the symbolic ringing of the bell. I peeked around the corner in to the mediation area and found an available cushion on the floor, sat, began to take comfortable breaths and to settle in next to my neighbors.

    But my mind would not quiet. 

    I continued to have thoughts of the day, of the week, of relationships.  I began to think of "love".  My mind continued to be active and loud and I giggled as I "thought" so much. Just then a very cold blast of air hit the small of my back!  My cushion sat right in front of the vent in the room!  I giggled loudly inside and felt like a child in church who just could not settle down!

    I realized I'm new at this mediation that I need to learn the fundamentals, but where to begin.  I realized the difficult relationships just required my love; but how to love these difficult people?  

    Then the ringing of the bell signaling the end of our hour of “quiet” and our evening guides read the weekly inspiration aloud and our sharing began.  In this moment as I sat and listened, I felt that God is great, the Universe is great and that I am given everything I ask for and need… and, all my questions during my "quiet" time were answered!

    How can I love these difficult people? Compassion and understanding, my compassion and understanding of them!  And the icing on the cake, another reminded me to accept people where they're at in that moment, be present with them, compassionate and understanding of them. 

    How to meditate?  Nudged by the sharing of another, Michael Singer's writing of the weekly inspiration just so happens to be a simple instruction on how to meditate!  Ohmygoodness, answers!

    It is the whole of this experience, the daily reflection on the inspirational reading, the gathering with community in quiet meditation, the sharing of individual thoughts; I can learn, with practice, to find quiet and step back from my beautiful active mind. This is my gift from God and the Universe – a new found community in the generosity of a family opening their hearts & home and preparing space & nourishment for me.

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