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    On Aug 5, 2009 patsy wrote:

    GREAT reading! This really got through to me today. Thank you very much.

    I'm sure the concept of detaching yourself from your mind would strike most people here in the US as illogical - we are what we think -no? Well, no. We are what we are. Our concious thoughts are a part of us, also our physical sensations, our emotional uprisings and then that separate something that gets carried from one life to the next.

    After reading this I immediately flashed on the whole driving home and not remembering the trip thing. My mind is obviously still controlling my body to drive where I want to go, but I have detached. In my dreams I am sometimes living the story as myself, sometimes living the story as someone else, and sometimes watching the story from a detached place. All this helps to bring this home for me.

    The next time I find myself walking along, playing out a conversation or interaction in my head as a way of controlling my world, I will try to remember to just detach. Just let it go. My only obligation is to breath, yes?

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