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    On Aug 3, 2009 Prasad, iJourney Visual Editor wrote:

     There are two ways I mostly operate in life: Driving towards what I want and second, reacting to what happens to me. When I go for something and intentionally put all my energies into getting what I want, there is some excitement, passion and energy behind it. Unfortunately, at the end of the process — whether I achieve my goal or not — I experience a down cycle. On the other hand, when I react to what happens to me — both during my reaction and at the end of it, I am unhappy. Over time, my mind has taken over and plays games and I found both trying to control it or reacting to external circumstances does not give me sustainable happiness. 
    Over time, just like the passage mentioned, I found a third way. doing things without any attachment to end results allowing things to happen and not react. While these two choices look very similar to my two drives, they are different in one subtle but important way. I am not attached to both and do what is appropriate in the moment and not carry either intentionality or reactivity with me. Whenever I am able to be ‘mindful’ and stay completely in the moment, whatever results showed up gave me much more happiness than my two drives.
    The key still is to being with my mind — not controlling it, not giving up on it, not reacting to it nor getting caught up with it. It is just observing it, allowing it, that allows me in a paradoxical way to find peace with my mind and myself...

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