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    On Aug 2, 2009 Susan Bradley wrote:

    Since 2006 I have been on an new life journey that brought me back to the bay area and to come to be introduced to Charity Focus... Ms. Palmo's writing reminds me of so very much in my life, and our Wednesday gathering and sharing inspires me.

    After Pavi read the reading  aloud on Wednesday evening one of the attendees spoke about our attachments in love as representing lessons we still have to learn, another spoke about holding on to memories and people and things and needing to learn the lessons of letting go, others spoke about loss of loved ones by death or distance and letting go or celebrating their lives... I found I could relate to all of those thoughts and behaviors and feelings.

    More for me though, I found myself realizing the lessons of love I learn each day from my daughters that are 12 and 14. 

    Since my oldest daughter, Madeline, was 7 years old she has asked me to meditate with her, to create a sacred space in our home and to sit quietly together.  I'm just now finding the ability to allow myself to slow down, to stop and sit in quiet with myself!  Madeline has always had a quietness inside her and has loved and forgiven easily!

    My youngest daughter, Eleanor, is the most gregarious and loving person I think I've ever met.  Eleanor makes a friend wherever she goes and has the courage to stand for the underdog in any situation.  She is not the quiet one, but her energy and character propel her to engage with people and to love them for who they are and where they're at in life.

    These two incredible young women teach me daily about loving, letting things go, forgiveness, sitting quietiy, and also a good deal about having plain ole fashioned funnn and enjoying life!  I'm blessed with two incredible teachers living right beside me in example of living and loving well.  And to think I thought I would be the one teaching them about life! ;-)

    With love & gratitude,


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