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    On Jul 28, 2009 supun wrote:

    I guess to me, non-attachement is a state of mind and Love is a 4 letter word... Just kidding. I was telling my friend about a great rap "Love's Gonna Get ya" and it's about material love("I love my chain, my car, that girl over there that I don't even know"). And the moral of the story is that if you find yourself plotting and scheming for "love," it'll get you and the people you love into trouble. So if that mother in the previous post is trying to plot and scheme to passive agressively break up the couple, it makes me think she's closing the doors. Maybe the son should just keep shining until she comes back. He should let her go and not be attached to her and both of them will learn something :-). The 3 of them should just talk about what they don't like about each other and have a big fight and have faith that they'll make up again -- easier said than done, or is it? let natural feelings take their course...

    Also... I'm pretty sure Mary Magelene was NOT a prosititue. She was a gnostic that may have believed "in the teaching that humans are divine souls trapped in a material world created by an imperfect god"

    Anyways... I liked this reading. It reminded me not to think too much. My favorite sentance in it is "Her happiness came by making me happy." It's not our strong feelings for other humans that causes us grief, but maybe our own insecurities and our want to control others or others wanting to control us that makes us have all this emotional suffering. It takes a bit of effort and understanding to seperate the resulting feeling from the different causes, but we all can do it if we take a moment to check it out.





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