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    On May 4, 2017 Koriander wrote:

    I was forced to hit the "Pause" button this week! Two days ago, I was hit with vertigo and nausea completely out of nowhere. I first experienced it at night when lying down and it was especially bad when having to turn. It's frightening when something like this happens as one doesn't know what's going on.  Thanks to some excellent info provided by doctors and individuals on the internet, I had enough reason to think it's what's termed Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV), caused by crystal(s) moving through the fluid in one of the inner ear canals.  I did the prescribed maneuvers to move the offending culprits out of the inner ear and today I am feeling leagues better. 
    Today I am feeling incredibly grateful simply to feel like myself again.  I am keenly aware that I had no options but to release my usual attempts to control, to get lots of stuff done, to criticize or gossip because there wasn't any energy to do so!  So why waste my time with these things now that I feel better again?  Why not keep it all a bit more slowed-down instead of driving, driving, driving?  Why not "Do Nothing" but savor a few moments here and there?

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