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    On Apr 29, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     We go where our mind goes. Our mind takes a ride in the past or a flight in the future, hardly staying in the present. Wandering mind becomes our default mode of functioning. Such a wandering mind is compared to monkey mind taking control of ourselves. Such a wandering mind deprives us from being free and deeply connected with us, others in our life and the beauty of nature. Our mind can be our enemy and it also can be our friend.We need to learn  how to make our mind our friend.

    Mindfulness  is one of the ways for making our mind friendly. I have  been regularly practicing mindfulness. It has been very helpful to me for making me peaceful, joyful, compassionate and creative. Mindfulness is a non-judgmental and compassionate existential awareness. of what is happening in me and around me. It has helped me to remain present to what is rather than what was or what will be. It keeps me stay in the being zone rather than the default mode of going away from the present moment.

    I value the power of pausing when my mind takes a hike and goes to the past or the future, taking away from the here and now consciousness..Noticing where my mind goes without reactive judgmental thoughts, I pause, breathe and connect my mind with the ever present breath. In  the mindfulness landscape, sitting doing nothing, spring comes and grass grows by itself. Life bestows blessings and I receive them gratefully.

    May we learn how to befriend our mind, be here and now, and receive blessings coming from everywhere!


    Jagdish P Dave

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