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    On Jan 3, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     Such truth in "We must remember that we are not just form and matter. We are luminous beings. And our destiny is to radiate light." As we focus on only changing ourselves in a non egotistical way, but from the heart, we realize it is the only place change occurs. We cannot change another person, nor should we, but we can change and improve ourselves in order to shine our light as brightly as we are able. I say this as a person who is challenged at times with episodic situational depression. Depression has had gifts (at least for me) in that I feel my compassion toward others has grown out of the darkness experienced. My set point is joy and sharing that joy, friends call me "slightly exuberant' and yet there is the darkness of depression. when I am in darkness, my own light becomes a small glimmer and yet it is still there. when I acknowledge that light and recognize it, I become aware of other people's light too. The same with gratitude which is another kind of light. I started a gratitude journal in 1999 and it helped so much in darker times because there were always small moments for which to be grateful: example, the sun shining and blue sky on a cold winter day and the fact I had a hot cup of tea and was inside a house wearing a warm sweater: so much gratitude just in that small thing. And that gratitude and light grow exponentially as we focus upon it and the best part in my opinion is, it affects not only us but those around us who see this light shine out from us as we share it. Being mindful in the doing is again about where the focus is: is it on the present moment and the process or it is only on final result? It is up to us what we see, share and focus upon. Thanks so much for this post, I needed the reminder today! Hugs from my heart to yours!

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    On Jan 5, 2017 Patjos wrote:

    Thank you for healing me.  :)))

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