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    On Dec 27, 2016 Jerri wrote:

    With much Gratitude and Love I happened upon these five prayers today! I Loved all of them as they touched the Ancestral depth of my Being ! I Feel sure I will print and reread them many times Today most especially the fifth prayer was the most important for me! I came into this form as a very sensitive and optimistic soul! A Being of Light Energy.   I Love to Inspire people to see LIfe as a Majical and Positive Experience! I Am very Altruistic by nature, so I give and I give even more.  Most of the time I Am Deeply aware of my state of Being an Enigma here on Planet Earth. IT has always felt abit strange for me.    Now for the past 4 years I have been journeying with a man who seems unaware of many of the qualities of Love, Compassion, Empathy and Kindness that IAM. Living more in his head than his Heart, the opposite of myself! I wonder NOW  why I chose this experience at this time in my life? I have practiced well and maintained a Loving and Positive Energy most of the time!  Being Loving Always, No matter what! I continuously practiced  COMPASSION, Empathy, Integrity, Honesty, Kindness and Forgiveness and Love. No I am not a Peace at any price Being .I am someone who understands the human spirits greatest need is ❤️ LOVE! I Am an Empathetic Being and FEEL sometimes too Sensitive for this world.   Last Feb. I was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumor! It was just a couple of week s before we were to leave on a Trip for one year ! I was terrified . I was also fortunate to have the guidance and support of a Specialist in this field living near me. I live in a small Sacred village in the Andes mountains in Ecuador. We postponed the trip for several weeks and I received some very advanced natural treatments before leaving.  I thought everything would be more relaxed when we left our bizzzy lives and ventured out into the world . Unfortunately this was not the case. I continued to practice with COMPASSION and Love and the stress from my partner continued to grow. He seemed completely unaware of how this stress was affecting me and my health. It seemed he was  in resistance with everything and I thought with time this would relax and there would be a healthy flow. I felt very alone and unsupported most of the time.  With Blessings , I communed with Great Spirit for everything. I always had my strength and support system there.   Now almost 10 months into the journey we are heading back to Ecuador 2 months earlier than scheduled. I ended the relationship two months ago while in a Loving Yoga retreat in Vietnam. I knew that it was over for me and the only way I would Heal was to leave this relationship. I AM NOW  moving from KARMA to DHARMA and "I Feel Free at Last" .    I only have a few questions left that would assist me now in my HEALING!    How did I benefit from this kind of experience and why did I choose it and why did I stay ? Strangely over the past several weeks I have been filled with Anger and Rage about the unkindnesses that I tolerated and seemed to forgive so easily. I have never known these experiences before an der did not have any ammunition for it! It is my nature to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive energies yet I am struggling with a bombardment of Anger relating to memories of this relationship. I have chosen silence with him so as not to trigger any more  unkndnesses. I have contemplated the past to see where the seed event was coming from yet the intensive energies of Anger all keep coming back to this relationship!  What Is it I am needing to see, to heal and  to experience so I can Heal my Body Mind and Spirit! I Am Deeply Grateful for this day and these moments to express and receive Devine Guidance!



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