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    On Dec 19, 2016 david doane wrote:

    The author is right.  It is easier to stay out of negative emotions than to get out of them once you are in, or to leave a stream of negative emotion when it's small before it becomes a raging river.  It is possible to leverage your inner world out of its momentary negative hell (which is dis-ease and dis-content) and go to ease and contentment.  I used to be angry and judgmental often, and now I become angry and judgmental much less often, which has occurred by knowing that such negative emotions are not necessary, though I sometimes indulge in them anyway, by being more understanding and compassionate as a result of knowing that everything is temporary and will pass, by learning to be less attached to anything including to what I want, and by learning that we are one.  Reminding myself of those truths helps me exercise the psychic musculature to move away from negative emotions.

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