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    On Nov 16, 2016 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

    Synchronicity for sure today! I was planning on posting in another forum We become the stories and experiences we share. I believe this relates beautifully to the idea of "becoming active participants translating meaning into life." For example, post election here in the US, although some awful things have happened already in the name of hate, other wonderful things have happened as well with people stepping forward to act out in deeper kindness and love and care to one another. Which stories do we focus upon? Which ones do we continue to share? We become these and our world view changes because of it. Do we lament or do we take positive action? And do we allow ourselves to be in discord or harmony? I struggled with this last Friday as I have a wide range of friends with a very wide range of beliefs, I hold all of them in my heart with compassion and seek to understand views that may be different from my own. I do my best to not judge, but to listen to hear what is going on underneath. When we stop to do this listening, the story we hear is usually one not so different from our own: we all want to be valued, understood, cared for and to matter. So I focus on this and then I ask: how can I serve others to feel this and how can i reflect it myself?

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    On Nov 29, 2016 Dharani wrote:

    The exposing of corruption, the abuse of power and the allegations of pedophilia can never be misconstrued as acts of hate. Defending these crimes by downplaying or ignoring them by the highest elected authorities in the land, most certainly is hateful. This is what drives the anger on the streets. 

    However, these evils and all those involved, must be exposed. The citizens and victims deserve justice. Without justice, the healing of a nation is not possible.

    Sadly, it is especially difficult for those who don't understand the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. In this world we can only control ourselves, not others. So I try to remain mindful, just as you are doing, chanting my mantra in meditation to remain focused on my own life's mission in such unstable times. Know that winter never fails to turn to spring. 

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