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    On Nov 2, 2016 Judy wrote:

     Thank you, Audrey for that great story. I had not heard that ending before. I facilitate a grief group on Wednesdays.  It is a safe place for people to feed that dark wolf. Sometimes we feel that we are not allowed to feel those sad feelings, that we are considered weak and at a disadvantage. What we acknowledge in the grief group is that the only way to allow feelings to pass is to feel them. We do some crying and some laughing in equal measure in the group. Beneath it all is great love, for without love, there would be no grief.

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    On Nov 15, 2016 Dave wrote:

    You say you lead a grief group. In dealing with what I think was he greatest grief of all, the loss of our 6 yr old son (fist born and my spiting image) a good friend told us that life after a death is like a hand saw with jagged teeth. As you go up the saw blade, there will be ups and downs but you continue on. Another friend who had lost a child told us not to listen to those who say 'take it day by day, one day at a time' because they have never lost someone close. You take it minute by minute because a day is to huge to deal with. One minute laugh, the next cry, the next anger, the next quiet. Too many emotions and they are all raw during the first few years. Let your group know they can go on, just to do it slowly and to always remember the things that made their loved one smile and laugh.

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