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    On Oct 5, 2016 madhur wrote:

    A summary from the circle of sharing of 3 of us is as follows:

    Meditation is about being aware of our own selves, our mind and bodies, what is happening & why and what is our thought process behind it all. 'Vipassana' technique and retreat are awesome , life changing experience in this regard. Yoga also helps to remain aware of breadth and silent within while doing actions on outside. Experiencing that silence is so wonderful and needs an initial effort to reach that state and then happens once in a while. 
    Being aware while eating food , as per naturopathy is another technique to practice awareness and also have a better digestion. I is difficult initially but very rewarding practice of mindfulness.
    A story was shared tha during a meditation retreat , 'sambhar' was so watery day on day that this lady got extremely angry and wanted to slam the plate. However, she was able to calm her mind in couple of minutes with meditative practice and had completely accepted the food along with an awareness of her anger by the time lunch was over.
    Another session of sharing wisdom, loved it....

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