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    On Sep 21, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Life is a tree. rooted in the all embracing, loving,and nurturing soil. The tree of life grows and faces all kinds of weather, losing leaves and re-growing again, going thought the cycle of birthing, growing , withering and re-birthing. This tree of life is eternal. When we get disconnected from it, we go through suffering. When we silently listen to the tree, we get re-juvinated and joyful. It is our deep trust in the goodness of this tree that upholds us and helps us to rebound.

    This is my tree of life. As a human being, I have gone through ups and downs and have fallen flat. I have suffered. When I become  still and accept and process my suffering compassionately, I regain my energy and internal strength. I fall and I rise.I have that unshakable faith in the innate goodness and kindness and forgiveness of the eternal tree within me, I rise with gratitude and start walking on the path of my life. I  feel at home in the caring and loving hands of my home where I can be my true self. Life is a blessing and we all are blessed to have the unending support and love coming from within and without.

    May we be grateful to the holy Tree of Life birthing us, taking care of us and providing shade to us when we suffer!

    Jagdish P Dave

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