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    On Aug 24, 2016 Givemore wrote:

     Deep passage.........

    I feel that replacing of 'coercion' and 'should' mindset with trust hall make such a huge difference. I feel like going back in time and doing so in incidents where I have been coercive with others or myself.


    "My mother called me multiple times everyday and sometimes I talked feeling that 'i should attend her call'. The quality was however deteriorated in calls when frustration became obvious.

    On the other hand, when she didn't call, I used to get worried whether she was ok.

    Hence, one day I sat down in silence and thought about it..........
    I realized that I really needed to hear from her daily as I loved her. Its only the frequency and her questions that bothered me.

    That day, I explained to her that I would like to talk to her when I can give few minutes and not on the run. She understood my point for first time.

    After that our calls are lesser in frequency (still couple of times a day) but good in quality."

    Love helps me access desire deeply and motivates me!

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