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    On Jun 28, 2016 Bec wrote:

    Simply beautiful.
    These small reminders speak to some of the most core issues plaguing society today. Our learned reaction to ignore, look away, avoid eye contact, or even respond mechanically, how we 'should' respond rather than how we feel, are the barriers that are contributing to skyrocketing rates of isolation, depression and suicide worldwide. Humans are social creatures by nature, we crave connection; and it really is not hard to share even a moment with a stranger. You never know, that one smile or genuine greeting might be the only one that person receive that day; it might be just the hope, the glimpse of warmth and human compassion they needed to see the light and soldier on. Be kind, and remember we are all simply one part of the whole human race.
    Genuine, small gestures won't make people nervous, rather open their minds and hearts to s softer, kinder world.    

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    On Jun 29, 2016 Amy wrote:

     My husband and I walk every evening (I walk, too, in the morning).  My husband, by nature, is not a patient person (and he is well aware of his weakness, in this area).  I "greet" every person and animal ( wild or personal pets) we pass.  When he's questioned "my need" to do this, I say, I do it not for me but for them (however, it is in giving that one actually receives)!  
    I want no living/breathing soul to be "left behind" ... Go unnoticed ... Not be honored ... 
    My husband is getting a little better in allowing me to periodically stop and chat with some, but he's got a long way to go!  I'm praying as he gets older he'll learn to "stop and smell the roses",

    Too, I want to say, in crowds, I flee.  I am VERY agoraphobic!  One on one is where my comfort lies.  Amen..

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