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    On Apr 19, 2016 Indira Iyer wrote:

    My partner and I have been listening to Eckhart every night before going to bed. Overy time, some of his wisdom has seeped into our subsconsciousness and has brought some presence, spaciousness and acceptance in life and in our relationships.

    The true gem for me from Master Eckhart is his teaching which I have found to be so true- the fact that "relationships are there to make you CONSCIOUS not necesarrily HAPPY".Happiness is what lies within us. As soon as I have realized this and striven to practice that, I noticed that peace is the immediate outcome. Making "space" around unhappiness brings acceptance and hence peace. Even if it means that the relationship no longer serves you and you may have to let go- its ok. I don't believe that our job is to make every relationship "right" but to make it right for each of us. I am learning how relatioships serve as mirrors into our selves (esp. the difficult ones) to that which needs attention, to realize and heal, with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and our partners in relationships.

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