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    On Apr 10, 2016 Yogi One wrote:

     OMG what a twist! you added to the otherwise grand story. So the Black wolf is now courageous and foregoing and brave? No in this story, the essence is to go for good even when that is the road less travel or the aparently harder route to take. No short cuts!
    The way the story goes, its bad vs god, evil vs virtue, the black one is corrupted will never be good, there is no Yin and Yang, its pure duality, but the bad will never die - even if you try to kill it. Don't get confused adding niceness to the black one, it has none, its deceiving, it will tell you differently do, it will always cone you into its ways if you let it - That what evil does, and no one needs evil!

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    On Mar 22, 2018 Neveah wrote:

    Evil, good, polarity of the two, duality. It's all a Western Civilization construct, in which everything is separated. God is separated from man. Nature is separated and something to be conquered by man.  It is very limited thinking. Native American culture is far more integrative and expansive. Both wolves belong to each of us. What will destroy us is our fear and inability to accept all parts of ourselves. 

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    On Apr 9, 2018 Wolfgang wrote:

     this story hasn't been "added to" - it IS the "grand story!" - the story you refer to, incorrectly, as the grand story is simply new age wishful thinking; a Christian corruption, that denies Nature to be part of "God".

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