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    On Jan 19, 2016 Ruth wrote:

     I empathise with the author of these comments.  The boundary between individual and collective responsibility is fluid and indefinable.  Of course our practice is to live with integrity and with compassion in the space where we are right now - but different people will feel their way through this in different ways.  There are individuals who, as part of their practice, appear to take on more of the collective responsibility - I'm thinking Christ, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and so on - and they burn brightly.  They had a sense of divine mission and it gave them the energy they needed to help change things big time.  But their calling, their practice is not mine.  Mine is uniquely mine, and so my path is to ask for a candle of the spirit to guide me at each step of the way.  Tasks and responsibilities appear undoable if we think about them in the round, and that can lead to despair.  But taken step by step, much is achieved and we all take our place in the pattern.

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    On Jan 21, 2016 Amy wrote:


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