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    On Jan 17, 2016 david doane wrote:

    Life is absurd.  It's also precious.  Most important, it's what's we've got.  I can't change the world, and yet my existence changes the world.  The world would be different if I weren't here -- hardly noticeably different, but different.  I don't have full control over anything, including myself.  I do have some limited power and control to make change in me and the world.  It's also true that life does things to me.  As I understand, Lao Tzu says we not only do, we are also being done.  The situation isn't all or nothing.  It's not a matter of I can change the world or I can futilely and hopelessly try and fail.  The problem is trying to control and take responsibility for outcome.  That is futile.  What I can do is act with integrity to my truth, act impeccably, and hope for the best.  That practice I believe in.  Over time we collectively did create what we have today.  I as an individual can't totally change it, but I can do what I can do which adds my piece to the worsening or improving of the situation.  

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    On Jan 19, 2016 me, again! wrote:

     Are you kidding me? ... (The world would be incredibly different without you in it!)

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