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    On Jun 12, 2006 Ragu wrote:

    From our guest speaker, Param:

    • Do selfless service, without asking and giving money.
    • If God gives you 720 bucks a month, would you give back 25%, 180 bucks? How 'bout just 5 bucks? In reality, we're given 720 hours/month. Can we give 5 hours?
    • While surveying recepient of clothing donations, a poor old lady says, "Don't give it to me; there's someone there who needs it more than me."
    • When 120 folks got into the canal to help clean the muck, they found the temple inside their hearts.
    • Demand pull: do whatever is necessary, not what you think is necessary.
    • Most of us have 80% of needs; we should be content in having that.
    Notes from roundtable:
    • The passage reminded me of the patient boatman in Siddhartha.
    • Why do people associate peace with the tropics?
    • Candle that lights another candle doesn't lose any of its light.
    • Industrialization causes pollution -- now we're going to back to bullock carts? What exactly is evolution?
    • Mindset is the critical factor: checking email for 25 years won't make you happy.
    • Tropical regions have a laid back attitude but laid back is not the same as contentment.
    • If 80% are needs and 20% are wants, our society's definition of success is all about that 20%. That's so tough.
    • Anyone who only takes what he needs is admirable.
    • I can't have kids because I want to give back?
    • Sometimes being a businessman can be your dharma.
    • Election: why do people vote?
    • How do we break away from the culture norm of greed? What do I really need?
    • If you're in the rat race, you're still a rat.
    • We should respect unique belief systems of each of us.
    • There was time to make human connection: best part of being human (best part of India trip)
    • Taxation is one part of giving to society; what if that was time?
    • Everyone wants to expand; what's the difference between a helping guy who wants to help the most number of people and a businessman?
    • We have to transform viscious cycles into virtuous cycles.
    • What's the difference between doing good and service?
    • Doing good is to feel good; service is realizing that you are others.

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