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    On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

    • What is it that we are being present to?
    • What the bleep do we know: 400 billion impressions per second, 2000 conscious ones.
    • Is it time to love, or timelessness to love?
    • Smile cards and increasing awareness of possible acts of kindness.
    • Celestine Prophecy: coincidences.
    • Stand by me.
    • Nothing is coincidence, but the meaning is not always so obvious.
    • Sitting silently with parents in childhood on early morning sundays going through the paper. Still a very strong feeling of sharing love & presence, even though nothing in particular was being done.
    • Many missed opportunities to do random acts of kindness. Be prepared always to give.
    • If you don't understand my silence, how will you understand my words?
    • Just by being rich doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot love.
    • This thought caused tears several times. Usually every week thought is not easy to put in practice immediately, this one weighed heavy because it was so easy to implement.
    • "Love" is such a loaded word, hard to know when you are truly feeling it.
    • Came to feel Love through appreciation for another.
    • Is there a difference between presence and attentiveness?
    • What made mom happy when all family was at home on a weekend? just being alive, playing around, mildly arguing - not necessarily praising or paying attention to her.
    • Don't ask what the world needs, do what makes you come alive, because what the world needs most is people who have come alive (Howard Thurman)
    • It would help to know context of quote, because to us it may sound simplistic, but it might have been tailored for a different audience.
    • It's difficult to be present without being attemptive. If you cannot connect and feel how another person is, it is hard to be present.
    • As an experiment, sometimes going up to people and saying "I Love you" in different tones.
    • Being balanced is a part of being present. Being present is necessary to be balanced.
    • Feel blessed to be raised in a household where Love was freely shared, verbally and in silence. Now as children are grown up, when say "I Love youW" to dad, response is "You need money don't you?" .. don't just say it, show you Love someone. Just saying the words can be a copout.
    • There are no great acts, only small acts done with great Love (Mother Teresa).
    • Sometimes it's worth telling someone else you are there for them, even if the silent presence is strong.
    • Why do we always equate Loving with an object of that Love?
    • When raising children, equating taking care of them with Love which implies not being present with them often.
    • Notion of presence as pre-sense, a state of being before perceiving through the senses.
    • Silence is always a dance between action & inaction. You cannot take silence as something that comes before & after something, it is something that lasts throughout - true presence.
    • Favorite quote: Faith is a withholding of conclusion, so you allow what is to arise. --Adyashanti.
    • Love and thankfullness are topics which everyone can share something about.
    • In Italian families, meals are the religion. Did not appreciate it as youth, but now realize meals are just about being present, sharing the experience.
    • Children are very present. They can feel very passionately in one moment, and forget it the next. Being with kids rubs off.
    • Is presence contagious?
    • Compassion is rooted in understanding.
    • Fear blocks presence
    • Appreciation for the depth of today's conversation, whereas usually there is a feeling of rushing.
    • Sometimes it's best not to analyze these things, Love, balance, etc .. they are interconnected. Live it.

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    On May 25, 2018 Laura wrote:

     I think love is letting go of ego to be fully present to another. This allows you to be for that person what’d er they need and fills you with joy.

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