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    On Nov 24, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I feel grateful for being alive and for the life that I have.  Realizing what a good life I have and how much I have, especially realizing that it is a gift, helps me be grateful.  I am grateful for opportunities I've had, for family and friends, for wonderful teachers I've had.  I am grateful for people who have been patient with me, encouraged me, loved me.  I've had good fortune and been spared many times when serious outcomes could have happened, and I am grateful.  I have many times realized how much my life is supported by the work of so many others, and the author presenting such detail as to how much a cup of tea is supported by the work of many people really emphasizes the point.  Being aware that we are one not only fosters compassion in me but also gratitude that I am part of the glorious whole.  I grow in gratitude realizing that there are so many people that suffer pain, loss, illness, disaster so much more than I.  Aging also helps me grow in gratitude -- I abide in gratitude much more often as I become older.  Namaste

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